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News archive - May

Published: 04.06.2009 - Updated: 11.06.2009

The International Polar Year project in the Antarctic

Norway is responsible for managing both northern and southern polar waters, and is a member of the CCAMLR (Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources), the organisation that manages the Southern Ocean. The management of the marine resources in the Southern Ocean must be based on the best available information, and Norway has, along with the other member states of the CCAMLR, an obligation to perform scientific research to that end.

Published: 04.06.2009 - Updated: 11.06.2009

The Research Council to Matre

Yesterday The Programme board for the Research programme on aqauculture at The Norwegian Research Council visited the research station at Matre.
- They had a guided tour, and then we had a fruitful discussion with the programme board, says managing director at the Institute of Marine Research, Tore Nepstad.         


Published: 04.06.2009 - Updated: 15.07.2009

Advise against test drilling on the Sula reef

The Institue of Marine Research has given an expert opinion on the permission to discharge and other petroleum related activities in the area where the massive, old coral reef Sularevet is found. The Sularevet is already protected against bottom trawling. 

Published: 22.06.2009 - Updated: 24.08.2009

PhD from the cold and rainy north

Namibian Hilkka Ndjaula has spent six years in rainy Bergen in Norway. It has resulted in a PhD in fisheries and a taste for Norwegian food.