Hopp til hovedteksten
PhDs 2008
These eleven defended their thesis in 2008 (from top left): Ann Lisbeth Agnalt, Eli Kyrkjebø Haugland, Ingegjerd Opstad, Jonatan Nilsson, Kjellrun Hiis Hauge, Knut Korsbrekke, Kjetil Korsnes, Simon Muncaster, Nina Sandlund, Tina Kutti and Vivian Husa.
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PhDs at a record high

In 2008 seven women and four men finished their PhD at the Institute of Marine Research. This is a new record, also when it comes to women


By Kjartan Mæstad

Until 2008 the majority of PhD-students at the IMR were men. The number of women doing their PhD at the institute never raised above two, not even in 2005 and 2006 - two former golden years for PhDs. Each of these years eight scientists were candidates at the institute.

– PhD-students are of great importance to the scientific activities and development at the IMR. When qualified for their title, these PhDs also are recognised as scientists at the institute or in other organisations, says Ole Arve Misund, director of research at the IMR.

While taking their PhD, the students are employed at the IMR, where the research is carried out. The candidate is receiving the PhD from the University of Bergen.