Hopp til hovedteksten
The autostrada of the capelin
The image shows the autostrada of the capelin - approximately 60 nautical miles wide and with variable height.
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Solved the capelin secret

From its feeding grounds north in the Barents Sea, capelin in late winter makes the dangerous migration towards the coast to spawn - to many the "last journey". Large schoals are first gathering in the north. But then they vanish into thin air. A month later the capelin emerges close to the coast. Until now it has been unknown how the capelin can make this migration without becoming predator food. But yesterday we probably found the answer. 

Where does it hide, where does it go and why?



The answers were partly found during this survey.

Far below the levels generally visible at the echosounder, a river of capelin flows on what we temporarely have named Route 66 of the capelin. The echo image shows an autostrada approximately 60 nautical miles wide and with various heights. The route seems to be following a southern ridge. We don't know yet if this is the main route to the coast of Finnmark. Further east the capelin probably has other secret autostradas.

Egil Ona, MS ”Eros”