Hopp til hovedteksten
Embryology is the branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms . Andrey Shadrin (photo) and Valery Makhotin, key person in this project, are embryologists from Moscow State University. They study development and malformation in capelin eggs.  
Photo: Elena Eriksen
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Environmental effects on capelin eggs

Scientists at the Institute of Marine Research study how capelin eggs are affected by contaminants and warmer waters in the capelin spawning areas. 

In recent years the temperatures measured in the Barents Sea have raised. Temperatures were at their peak in 2007.

Increasing petrolium and gas exploration may affect marine organisms like capelin eggs.

During the 2009 capelin winter survey 4600 eggs were sampled and brought to IMR for further examinations. 


Cooling incubator

Malformations and mortality in embryos and larvaes were studied. The main goal of the project is to find out how temperature and contaminants affect the capelin at these vulnerable life cycle stages.