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News archive - January

Published: 10.01.2007 - Updated: 24.03.2009

New report: Status of the Barents Sea Ecosystem

IMR and the Russian marine institute in Murmansk, PINRO, have published a thorough report on the status of the ecosystem of the Barents Sea in 2005. This is the first of what is planned to be an annual publication.

Published: 26.01.2007 - Updated: 24.03.2009

Why do fish swim in circles?

Fish often swim in circles when the school wants to stay put: due to wintering, before spawning or forced to by predators. The understanding of this behaviour may provide us with important general insights regarding interactions between predators and prey. But how are decisions made when one million fish swim together and act as one unit?

Marine Research News No 1. 2007