Hopp til hovedteksten
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Good fisheries on the herring spawning grounds

One of the whales have migrated further south and is closing the core spawning areas of the herring stock. The other remains further north at the Haltenbank.

The research vessel 'Michael Sars' was supposed to survey the spawning grounds from 62-63 degrees north this week, but was hampered by strong winds. This means that we were not able to search for the southernmost whale. The other one was not found in its last known posistion, but there were good herring registrations in the area on the Haltenbank. The herring in this area consisted mainly of the 1991 and 1992 year-class, but there were also some recruit spawners belonging to the 1998 year-class in the samples. The herring stayed on the bottom during the night, indicating that the spawning was going on. This was affirmed by the trawl samples, with ripe eggs floating on deck.

The fisheries are good on the spawning grounds, being mainly limited by the weather conditions.

We have started analysing the killer whale-herring data and are starting to see fascinating patterns. We'll inform you more on this later. Stay tuned!