Pancreas disease (PD), caused by salmonid alphavirus (SAV), is a major problem in the Norwegian salmon industry. However, very little is currently known about how factors such as viral virulence, salmon physiology, and salmon immune status influence susceptibility to PD.
This project aims to use data generated by the salmon genome sequencing project to develop methods and tools to better understand the immune response of Atlantic salmon to SAV.

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Current and future challenges in the salmon aquaculture industry

PD represents a major economic and welfare challenge for the industry.

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This project has both national and internatinal participants

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Project organisation

MitSAV is short for: Mitigating the challenges in the Atlantic salmon aquaculture caused by salmonid alphavirus by unveiling the underlying immune mechanisms.

Duration: 2013 - 2016

Funding: Research Council of Norway’s Havbruk program and The Institute of Marine Research

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Contact Information

Project leader
Sonal Patel

Institute of Marine Research
P.O. Box 1870 Nordnes
5817 Bergen, Norway
Phone: +47 41 30 45 83