Tone Vollen

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Telefon: 95880793
Avdeling: Dyphavsarter og bruskfisk 2130

Curriculum Vitae

  • Data preparation for and participation in ICES assessment working groups (AFWG, WGEF), with focus on greenland halibut, golden redfish, beaked redfish and elasmobranch species.
  • Partisipation in demersal and mesopelagic surveys, both on scientific and rented commersial vessels, in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea and Arctic/Svalbard area.
  • Working with survey data, spd format, S2D database, Stox, Rstox.
  • Good knowledge in R software
  • Otholith reading, beaked redfish
  • Exploratory work on other age structures such as vertebraes, spines, dermal denticles of elasmobranch species
  • Fish tagging using conventional tags and Data Storage Tags
  • Have done work on elasmobranch maturity classification and identification of elasmobranch egg-cases
  • In the secretariat of the "Overvåkingsgruppen", Norweian Integrated Management Plans. Working primarily with indicators.

Arbeider med

Yearly participating in several IMR cruises.

Member of ICES working groups AFWG and WGEF. Preparing survey and landings data for the ICES working groups, and contributing to advice on elasmobranchs, redfish species and greenland halibut.

Member of the secretariat of  "Overvåkingsgruppen". "Overvåkingsgruppen" coordinates the publication of indicators used to monitor and report on the state of the Barents, Norwegian and North Seas.

Curriculum Vitae

1998  Master in Marine Biology from the University of Tromsø

1999-2003  Working as a technician for the Norwegian Polar Institute, The University of Tromsø, doing an internship in Ifremer (France), and self-employed work in France.

2003- p.t  Research scientist at the Institute of Marine Research.

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