Rolf Engelsen

Telefon: 47455801
Avdeling: Havforskning i utviklingsland 2200

Arbeider med

Management of aquaculture project in Asia, Africa and Latin-America
Design, procurement, installation and operation of landbased farms/ pilot farms
Procurement, installation and operation of cage farms/ pilot farms
Marine spatial planning from an aquaculture point of view
Evaluation of sites and zoning systems
Species selection
Feasibility studies
Basic regulation of aquaculture
Aquaculture governance
Economic analysis and business development

Curriculum Vitae


• M.Sc., London School of Economics (LSE), UK (1982-83)
• Cand.Polit., University of Bergen, Norway (1978-82)
• Exam. Oecon, (economy/statistics) University of Oslo, Norway (1970-75)

Experience Record:

2007- Senior Adviser Aquaculture, Institute of Marine Research/Director Aquaculture, CDCF/IMR
Project manager/major team member of projects in:
• Thailand
• Malaysia
• Indonesia
• China
• India
• Tanzania (Zanzibar)
• Mozambique
• Cuba

2004 – 2007: Head of the Aquaculture Section of Norconsult AS

1994 – 04: Director Rolf Engelsen AS/Bergen Aqua AS; Aquaculture consultancy and management of companies within the aquaculture industry

1992 -94: Research fellow at the University of Bergen (analysis of the aquaculture industry)

1986-92: Business developer/ area manager in Stolt Sea Farm AS, Bergen (now Marine Harvest)

1983-86: Head of Section for economic and statistical analyses, National Man Power Services, Hordaland

1982-83: Research fellow London School of Economics, London UK

Work Experience from other countries: Norway, England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Greece, Spain, USA, Canada, Chile,

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