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Er prosjektleder for det bilaterale samarbeidsprosjektet mellom Norge og Angola.

Tar toktleder jobber på Dr. Fridtjof Nansen. Senest, sommeren 2015 i Det Indiske hav (IOE-2), - så mengdemåling av pelagisk fisk i Senegal og Mauritania.  I April 2016 blir det økosystemtokt i Ghana.

Jobber mye med bruken av data fra Nansen.  Assessment av pelagisk fisk, og utvikling av artikler på data fra toktene.

I tre år har jeg forskningstermin (tre måneder i hvert år)  og jobber da med rekrutteringsmekanismer for Norsk vårgytende sild.

I am currently involved in surveys and assessments of pelagic fish in developing countries. Mainly abundance estimation of pelagic fish by the use of the echo sounding methodology applied in research vessels.  I am also participating in working groups doing assessments of the status and development of fish resources in Africa, and I am giving advice on how these assessments can be used as a basis for fish resources management.

I am project leader of the bilateral cooperation programme between Norway and Angola.

Participate in various surveys onboard Dr Fridtjof Nansen, - the most recent once beeing the Indian Ocean survey (July 2015), Acoustic abundance estimation of pelagic fish in Senegal and mauritania (November 2015), and will do an ecosystem survey in Ghana in April 2016.

Curriculum Vitae

CURRICULUM VITAE for Reidar Toresen

Person data:
Name: Reidar Toresen Age: 61

1982 —  Master degree (Cand. real.)  in Fisheries biology, University of Bergen.
Title of thesis; Predation on the eggs of Norwegain spring-spawning herring (Clupea harengus Linne) at a spawning ground, Buagrunnen, at Møre in 1980 and 1981.

2002  — PhD (Dr. philos) in fishery biology,  University of Bergen. Title of thesis: "Environmental influence on herring (Clupea harengus L.) abundance" "An  environmental approach for the understanding of herring stock fluctuations and its application in management".

Current position:

Scientist and advisor, Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries,
Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway

Employed as:

Scientist with the Institute of Marine Research, Pelagic Fish Department, 1983-2003.

In the period 1992 until 2003, partly employed at the department dealing with assessment of fish resources in developing countries, and worked in projects in several countries in Asia and Africa.

In  2002 - 2003, deputy head of Department of Pelagic Fish at IMR, Bergen.

2004 - 2007, Head of research Group, Fish Stocks and Ecosystems, Norwegian Sea and North Sea, IMR.

2007 – 2013, Research director with responsibility of research strategy at IMR.

2013 -  ,Scientist and Advisor at Centre for Development Cooperation in Fisheries, CDCF, IMR

Experience and fields of competence:

• Acoustic abundance estimation and assessment of pelagic fish.  Experience in this field in north east Atlantic, fjords and in developing countries.
• National responsibility for herring in the North Sea, 1992-2004. This implies being in charge of the research, abundance estimation, assessment and advice for management of the fish stock.

• Head of the ICES, Herring Assessment Working Group for the Area South of 62oN (1994-1997).

• Head of the FAO working group for assessment of pelagic fish off NW Africa (2001 - 2006 ).

• Norwegian member in ICES' Advisory Committee on Fishery Management (2003 2007).

• Norwegian member in ICES’ Advisory Committee,  2007 - .

• Head of the Scientific Committee of  the South East Atlantic Fishery Organization (SEAFO) (2005-2007)

• Norwegian member of the Permanent Committee for Management and Science in NEAFC. (PECMAS)(2006-2008).

• Advisor for Norwegian managers concerning fishery negotiations between Norway and EU on fish quotas in the North Sea, 1992-1997. Has also been advisor for Norwegian managers concerning negotiations on fish quotas of Blue whiting and Norwegian spring-spawning herring.

• Have participated on several missions for abundance estimation, assessments and advising for management of pelagic fish stocks in Namibia, Angola, Senegal, Mauritania, China and Vietnam.

• Research in the following fields:

Long term fluctuations of Norwegian spring spawning herring and the environmental influence on fish stock fluctuations.

Growth and maturation of herring.

Sources of error in acoustic abundance estimation of herring.
Recruitment mechanisms and ecological interactions between fish stocks.

Participation in ICES expert groups:

• The Atlanto-scandian  herring and capelin working group, 1983-1986
• The Methods Working Group 1991
• Blue whiting assessment working group 1992
• The Herring Assessment Working Group for the area south of 62, 1993- present
• (Chairman 1995-1997).
• The Northern Pelagic Assessment Working Group, 2004.

Participation in other groups:

• The FAO Working Group on the Assessment of Small Pelagic Fish off North West
Africa, (Chairman 2001 - 2006)

Participation in advisory committees:

•   ACFM, 2003 - 2007
•  ACOM, 2007 -
•  CECAF 2002 - 2004
•  SEAFO Scientific Committee 2005  -  2007
•  PECMAS 2006 - 2008

Publications after 1990:

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CV- Reidar Toresen