Odd-Børre Humborstad

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Telefon: 92460009
Avdeling: Fangst 2320

Curriculum Vitae

Involved in several projects within Capture Based Aquaculture (CBA) of cod with bottom seine. Heading projects aimed at technological innovations to increase transport capacity of live cod. Heading technological projects aiming at fish handling systems (e.g. pumping technology), transport capacity (e.g. tank configuration and water quality control), vessel design and alternative gears like purse seine and fish pots for CBA. Cooperation with industry in projects aiming at developing artificial and restructured bait and testing of new pot designs. Development of attraction/ aggregation systems, seining, passive fishing gear and in particular fish pots. Involved in ongoing research aimed at capture of wild fish assemblages in the vicinity of salmon farms. Development of capture techniques for saithe around fish farms with purse seine and pots, utilizing artificial light for behavioral control. Other fields of interest: Fish welfare in CBA and fisheries. RAMP-Reflex action mortality predictors. Barotrauma effects in capture fisheries, special emphasis on cod (Gadus morhua) swimbladder. Recreational fishing and the survival of released fish. Survival of bycatch and discards in capture fisheries. Artificial light in fisheries.
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