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Curriculum Vitae

Statistikk, Romlig statistikk, Monte Carlo metoder, Tidsrekke.


Vitenskapelige artikler (NVI)


A Generalized Randomized Maximum Likelihood for Improved Bayesian History Matching

A.S. Stordal, G. Nævdal
Computational Geosciences 22 p. 29-41

An auxiliary adaptive Gaussian mixture filter applied to flowrate allocation using real data from a multiphase producer

RJ Lorentzen, AS Stordal, N Hewitt
Computers & Geosciences 102 p. 34-44

Improving Physically Based Snow Simulations by Assimilating Snow Depth using the Particle Filter

J. Magnusson, A. Winstral, A.S. Stordal, R. Essery, T. Jonas
Water Resources Research,

An Adaptive Pluri-Gaussian Simulation Model for Geological Uncertainty Quantification

B. Sebacher, R. Hanea, A. S. Stordal, A. Heemink
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 158 p. 494-508

Asymptotic properties of the adaptive Gaussian mixture filter

A.S. Stordal, H.A. Karlsen
Monthly Weather Review

Integrated Work Flow of Preserving facies Realism in History Matching: Application to the Brugge

Y. Chang, A. S. Stordal R. Valestrand
SPE J 21 p. 1413-1424

Complex Geology Estimation using the iterative adaptvie Gaussian mixture filter

B. Sebacher, A.S. Stordal, R. Hanea,
Computational Geosciences 20 p. 133-148

Estimation of Production Rates Using TransientWell Flow Modeling and the Auxiliary Particle Filter,

R. Lorentzen, A.S. Stordal, X.Luo, G. Nævdal,
SPE Production and Operations 31 p. 163-175

A Theoretical look at Ensemble based Optimization for Reservoir Management

A.S. Stordal, S.P. Szklarz, O. Leeuwenburgh
Mathematical Geosciences 48 p. 399-17

Iterative ensemble smoothing as an approximation solution to a regularized minimum-average-cost problem:theory and applications

X. Luo, A.S. Stordal, R.J. Lorentzen , G. Nævdal
SPE-J 20 p. 962-982

Ensemble Smoothers in the Annealed Importance Sampling Framework

A.S. Stordal and A.H. Elsheikh
Advances in Water Resources, 86 p. 231-239

Iterative Baysesian Inversion with Gaussian Mixtures: Finite sample implementation and Large sample Asymptotics

A.S. Stordal
Computational Geosciences 19 p. 1-15

Toward an enhanced Bayesian estimation framework for multiphase flow soft-sensing

X. Luo, R.J. Lorentzen, A.S. Stordal, G. Nævdal
Inverse Problems 30

An Iterative Version of the Adaptive Gaussian Mixture Filter

A.S. Stordal, R. Lorentzen
Computational Geosciences 18 p. 579-595

Estimation of Production Rates Using Transient Well Flow Modeling and the Auxiliary Particle Filter

R. Lorentzen, A.S. Stordal, G. Nævdal, H.A. Karlsen, H.J. Skaug
SPE Journal

Filtering with state space localized Kalman gain

A.S. Stordal, H.A. Karlsen, G. Nævdal, D.S. Oliver, H.J. Skaug
Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena 241 p. 1123-1135

Evaluation of EnKF and variants on a field model

R. Valestrand, G. Nævdal, A.S. Stordal
Oil & Gas Science and Technology-Revue d’IFP Energies nouvelles

Comparing the adaptive Gaussian mixture filter with the ensemble Kalman filter on synthetic reservoir models

A.S. Stordal, R. Valestrand, H.A. Karlsen, G. Nævdal, H.J. Skaug
Computational Geosciences 16 p. 467-482

Characterization of permeability and porosity from nanosensor observations

A.S. Stordal, D.S. Oliver
Advances in Water Resources 34 p. 946-956

Bridging the ensemble Kalman filter and particle filters: the adaptive Gaussian mixture filter

A.S. Stordal, H.A. Karlsen, G. Nævdal, H.J. Skaug, B. Vallès
Computational Geosciences 15 p. 293-305

Bridging Multi-point statistics and truncated Gaussian fields for improved estimation of channelized

B. Sebacher, A.S. Stordal, R.G. Hanea
Computational Geosciences 19 p. 341-369

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