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Management of living aquatic resources and food security - How can Norway contribute?

The Norwegian Fisheries Forum (Fiskerifaglig Forum) invites to a seminar on:

Management of living aquatic resources and food security;
How can Norway contribute?

Venue:  Comfort Hotel Holberg, Bergen
17 – 18 September 2012

17 September 2012 (start at 1900) – FFF seminar dinner
18 September 2012 (0900-1630) – FFF Annual seminar


The Norwegian Fisheries Forum (FFF) has in the recent years called for a strategy for how Norway in the future should exploit the comparative advantage in the aquatic sector in development terms. Instead of the current situation, mainly with small and scattered projects, FFF recommends a focused and strengthened commitment to the fishery and aquaculture related areas through a special program "Fishing for food security". This is based on several facts:  

  • That the Government and Norwegian Parliament (Storting), both express that the political goals of Norwegian development assistance should be to focus on areas where Norway has comparative advantage and can make a difference.
  • The fact that Norway definitely has a leading position in knowledge-based management of fisheries and aquaculture - with a very strong "cluster" in education, research, administration and industry.
  • The fact that this expertise is highly welcomed in development cooperation.
  • The independent evaluation of the Norwegian fisheries aid that was presented in February 2009 and follow-up seminar in November 2009 – gives very positive rating of Norwegian fisheries aid (Norad Evaluation Report 6/2008).
  • Fisheries / Aquaculture's share of the aid budget has been declining in recent years - and currently represents about 1% - something that cannot be said to be in accordance with the overall policy objective.

At this seminar we like to address two themes within Management of living aquatic resources and food security where Norway can make a difference. These are:

  • International cooperation
  • Capacity building

The goal of the first theme is to present an overall perspective on the processes related to the aquatic environment and management of ecosystems and fisheries, and will address this from a Norwegian perspective.  The second theme is to address the importance of capacity building and education in general.

Preliminary timetable:

17 September 2012
1900: Dinner

18 September 2012
Management of living aquatic resources and food security;
How can Norway contribute

0900-1300: Session 1: International cooperation

Key note speakers:

1300-1400: Lunch
1400-1630: Session 2: Capacity building

Key note speakers:


Invitation FFF 2012 (PDF)


For more information, please contact
Njård Håkon Gudbrandsen