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Small-Scale Fisheries and Resource use

Fishery Forum 2008
Seminar held at “Bjørnefjorden Gjestetun”, Os, Norway.
10 – 11 April 2008

Report Fishery Forum 2008.


Thursday 10 April

Session 1: Introduction

0900 Historic development of small scale fisheries and its assessment
         Bjørn Hersoug (University of Tromsø, Norway)

Session 2: Coastal living resources and competing activities

0930 The Situation – Small-Scale Fisheries in Mannar District, Sri Lanka
         Augustine Soosai (University of Jaffna, Sri Lanka)

1000 Studies on small-scale fisheries in Southern Africa
        Tor Næsje and Odd Terje Sandlund (NINA, Norway)

1100  Conflicts in the coastal zone (tourism, recreation, aquaculture, land based industry, oil and gas etc.)
         Inger Oline Røsvik (FKD, Norway)

1130  Discussion

Session 3: Data and knowledge

1330  Acoustic surveying in shallow water; can it be used in small scale fisheries resource assessement?
         Egil Ona (Institute of Marine Research, Norway)

1350 Methods for small scale fisheries resource assessment
        Jon Helge Vølstad (Institute of Marine Research, Norway)

1410 Skagerrak coastal cod: a case study using the high-reward tagging method for assessing components of mortality
         Esben Moland Olsen and Sigurd Heiberg Espeland (Institute of Marine Research, Norway)

1430  Discussion (incl.: Need for data – which data at what cost? (Resource-, environmental-, fishery data / long time series / Indicators in SSF)

1530  Estimating Biomass and Management Parameters from Length Composition Data: A Stock Assessment Method for Data Deficient Situations
         Bernard A. Megrey and Chang Ik Zhang (Alaska Fisheries Science Center,

1550  Are the coastal resources really overfished?
         Jakob Gjøsæter (Institute of Marine Research, Norway)

1610  Overfishing in the Pacific? A new simple method of stock assessment on tropical coastal reef fisheries
          Jeppe Kolding and Einar Hjørleifsson (University of Bergen, Norway)

1630  Discussion (incl.: Need for data – which data at what cost? (Resource, environmental-, fishery data / long time series / Indicators in SSF)

Friday 11 April

Session 4: Coastal fish stock resources as a base of economic development and wealth creation

0915 Management strategies to reduce poverty and initiate economic development. The PESPA experience
        Joaquim Tenreiro Almeida (Yangula, Mozambique)

0900  Upcoming meetings

1030 Unravelling the Vicious Circle: On poverty and small-scale fisheries
         Arne Eide (University of Tromsø, Norway)

1100  Panel discussions

1130 Concluding remarks