Hopp til hovedteksten
Participants of the WGIBAR-meeting in Murmansk, Russia, March 2017.
Foto: Elena Eriksen
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History and developement of WGIBAR

WGIBAR groups has been established in 2013. The group should be working with updating of ecosystem overview and combine this with long-term species trends and long-term trends in drivers of ecosystem change such as climate, oceanography,​ and fishing pressure.

Understanding is of course not uniform across ​ecosystems and therefore ​​​critical processes are better understood in some areas. For this reason, the development of regional overviews ensures that local management objectives can be addressed.

Ecosystem overview and WGIBAR highlight ICES capacity to provide integrated advice, which is expected to meet the future needs of advice on the environmental status of the marine ecosystem.


1. Period (2013-2015)

 Yury Kovaljev (PINRO, Russia) and Edda Johannesen (IMR, Norway)

2 Period (2016-2018)

Elena Eriksen (IMR, Norway) and Anatoly Filin (PINRO, Russia)