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The Norwegian exclusive economic zone contains 25% of all known Lophelia pertusa occurrences globally, giving Norway both the opportunity and responsibility to increase scientific knowledge, and to identify drivers that promote coral reef carbonate build-up and reef erosion. Through the construction of individual and ecosystem models, FATE addresses one of the priority research areas – to predict the probability of wide-ranging changes in the composition, function and dynamics of cold-water coral ecosystems due to ocean acidification, warming and food availability. This knowledge is highly valuable for a sustainable management of cold-water coral ecosystems at high latitudes, where about 70% of all cold-water corals are predicted to be exposed to under-saturated water by the year of 2100 (Guinotte el al. 2006)

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2015 - 2018

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"Kristine Bonnevie"

"Kristine Bonnevie"