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Consortium and project management

The BarEcoRe project is conducted by the Institute of Marine Research and the University of Tromsø.

The scientific work carried out during the project is supervised by a Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) meeting once a year and composed of the WP leaders and additional scientists with strong expertise in particular topics: Michael Greenacre (Univ. Pompeu Fabra, Spain) for multivariate statistics, Andrey Dolgov (PINRO, Russia) for fish communities and trophic interactions in the Barents Sea, Ingvar Byrkjedal (Bergen Museum) for fish taxonomy in the Barents Sea, Simon Jennings (CEFAS, UK) for management and fish community analysis, Thierry Boulinier and David Gremillet (CEFE-CNRS, France) for spatial modelling, Ken Drinkwater (IMR, Bergen) for physical oceanography and Marten Scheffer (Wageningen University, The Netherlands) for ecological regime shifts and resilience in ecosystems.

The dissemination of the results towards end-users is supervised by a stakeholder panel (SHP). The following institutions are invited members of the SHP: Ministry of Fisheries, Ministry of Environment, FKD, Directorate of Nature Resources, International Oceanographic Commission, ICES, NAMMCO, the Norwegian Management Plan and participants of the Joint Norwegian-Russian Commission.

In 2012 a workshop will be organized within the Globec-ESSAS framework (Ecosystem Studies of Sub-Arctic Seas) with the objective of comparing BarEcoRe results with those of similar projects in other sub-arctic systems. Other work may be conducted in collaboration with ESSAS earlier in the project, if the opportunity arises.