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Johan Hjort
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The Ecosystems and Population Dynamics Programme

The overarching objective of this programme is to develop and apply new methods and tools that will improve our understanding of and quantify the variability in marine ecosystems, with special reference to the dynamics of fish stocks, and to contribute to an ecosystem approach.

Tasks and sub-goals:

  • To understand the most important processes that influence changes in stocks, for example by developing and utilising three-dimensional numerical models of the ocean for “all” relevant trophic levels and interactions.
  • To quantify the ecosystem’s (lowest trophic level) significance for the recruitment, growth, migration and distribution of our most important commercial species of fish.
  • To develop methods for quantifying natural mortality (all age groups).
  • To understand and quantify stock dynamics by developing and applying new multi-stock models that might include other information regarding ecosystem dynamics.
  • On the basis of an understanding of ecosystems, to develop new methods of predicting stock levels as a basis for the development of improves management strategies and advice.
  • To cooperate in ensuring that knowledge, competence and results regarding ecosystem dynamics can be integrated into and used in research and practical advice provision in other projects and programmes.
  • Dissemination and implementation of research results