Hopp til hovedteksten
Photo: Øystein Paulsen
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The Coastal Zone Ecosystem Programme

The objective of the programme is to generate knowledge for giving profesional advice to the authorities in all areas that concern marine resources and the environment in the Norwegian Coastal Zone.

Tasks and sub-goals:

  • Resources monitoring to provide advice regarding coastal stocks.
  • Monitoring coastal and fjord environments.
  • Mapping biological values in the Coastal Zone
  • Identifying marine biological diversity and tolerance limits.
  • Marine conservation areas as management tools.
  • Introduced species
  • The EU’s Framework Water Directive.

Main activities 2015/2016

Resource surveys

  • Monitoring coastal stocks of cod, sprat, lumpfish, eel, wrasse, halibut, monkfish, plankton and pollock, russian crab, lobster, norwegian lobster, commen crab, harbor seals  and porpoise.
  • Examine the effect of small MPAs in the coastal zone
  • Mapping spawning grounds of fish stocks in Western and Northern Norway.

Environmental surveys

  • Monitoring the fjord- and coastal environment (water quality, plankton)  in Skagerrak, Western- and Northern Norway.
  • Coast & Science Programme Svalbard-Northern Norway
  • Mapping habitats in the coastal zone (Zostera beds).
  • Monitoring the invasion of pacific oysters in Skagerrak