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The Climate – Fish Programme (ended 2013)

The overarching objectives of this programme are to warn of changes in the climate, and to understand and quantify the importance of such changes for production, distribution and behaviour in marine organisms.

Tasks and sub-goals: 

To understand the most important processes that influence climate change, for example by utilising numerical models, in order to quantify the relationship between global variations and regional oscillations in the climate, and to develop methods for drawing up regional climate prognoses.
To quantify the significance of climate for the recruitment, growth and distribution of our most important commercial fish species.
To quantify the relationships between climate development and aquaculture production.
To cooperate in ensuring that climate-fish knowledge, competence and results are integrated and utilised in research and practical advice provision in other projects and programmes (e.g. suitability evaluations for aquaculture, spread of pathogens, introduced species and pollution, ecosystem approaches, operational advice provision).
Dissemination and implementation of research results.