Hopp til hovedteksten
Photo: Øystein Paulsen
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Research and advisory programs

The Institute of Marine Research is organized for deliver good and comprehensive advice to the managers. The research and advisory activities are organized through four ecosystem-based programs and one thematic program. Additionally the institute has five research programs. All our scientific activities are lead and financed by these programs and performed by the research groups.

The programs are responsible for research and development activities (R&D) at the Institute of Marine Research. The staff consists of a head of program, a project economist and project leaders. Reports of the R&D activities to the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal affairs (FKD) and suggestions to the National budget go through the programs.

The programs get their annual resources based on their existing project portfolios, strategic and more short-term priorities in the institute’s assignment letter from the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs. All R&D-projects are managed in a program and the responsibility for allocating external financing is on the program.

Ideas for new projects are generated don all levels in the organisation. It is, however, important that they are connected to a program on an early stage in the development process and thereby can be developed to concrete projects or applications for external financing.