Hopp til hovedteksten
Gorgonocephalus sp. (basket star), at 912 m depth in the southern part of the Bjørnøya slide.
Photo: MAREANO/Institute of Marine Research
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Map Services

IMR provides access to theme datasets through map services by standard Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Features Services (WFS) or downloading of themed map data. The services make it easy to include theme maps in your own mapping solutions or tools for geographic information systems (GIS).
The services can be used freely under the following conditions:
• If the customer / user wants to include IMR map services / data in own solutions the facilitated map services should be used directly. The registration form must also be completed.
• When using our map services / data the source must always be stated.
• If the map services / data is wanted used for commercial purposes, IMR must be contacted.
URL to connect to WMS and WFS server: http://maps.imr.no/geoserver/ows?
For downloading of data go to http://maps.imr.no/geoserver/web/
Choose -layer preview - search for the map layer you want to download, in the box Select one go to the very bottom and select shapefile.
Note: Firefox is recommended when downloading.
Files can also be ordered on nmd_gis@imr.no
To see available thematic maps, use the maps clients:
Metadata for some map layers are available at: http://crius.nodc.no:8080/geonetwork/srv/en/main.home
See the IMR map directory for MAREANO if you want an overview of all MAREANO map layers from IMR.