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Research data

The Institute of Marine Research continuously collects large amounts of data from all Norwegian seas. Data are collected using vessels, observation buoys, manual measurements, gliders – amongst others.

The Norwegian Marine Data Centre was established as a national data centre for handling of marine environmental- and fish data, and to present data products. The group’s main activity is to collect secure quality and store all of the data on marine environment and fish and make the data available for scientists.

IMR Data Policy

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Map services

IMR provides access to theme datasets through map services by standard Web Map Services (WMS) and Web Features Services (WFS) or downloading of themed map data. The services make it easy to include theme maps in your own mapping solutions or tools for geographic information systems (GIS).

Map Services

Operational data


SJØMIL is a database for aggregated time series from Norwegian waters useful for marine sciences. It contains data series on climate and commercial fish stocks from the IMR monitoring programme and ICES fish assessment.

MAREANO - the Sea in Maps and Picture

MAREANO maps depth and topography, sediment composition, biodiversity, habitats and biotopes as well as pollution in the seabed in Norwegian coastal and offshore regions. MAREANO is coordinated by the Institute of Marine Research, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Norway and the Norwegian Hydrographic Service.

MAREANO - the Sea in Maps and Picture


Fixed hydrographic stations

Measurements of temperature and salinity at 8 fixed hydrographic stations distributed along the Norwegian coast. The observations are taken 1-2 times per month.