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Dr. Olafur S. Astthorsson

Olafur received his PhD degree in 1981 from the University of Aberdeen, where he studied ecological energetics of mysids. Since then he has worked at the Marine Research Institute (MRI) (since 2016 renamed Marine and Freshwater Research Institute, MFRI) in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Olafur started work at MRI as a zooplankton ecologist, then he became head of environment section, deputy director and finally director of the institute. Through these positions he has undertaken various administrative duties such as evaluation of research plans, research policy and strategic planning, and exchanges with stakeholders and government authorities. Olafur has supervised PhD students and also lectured at the University of Iceland and at the Fisheries Training Programme of the United Nations University which is run by MFRI. In spring of 2016 Olafur left his former director position to become a scientist at the new MFRI.

During his time at MRI Olafur has worked on species distribution and life cycle strategies of zooplankton, relations between zooplankton and recruitment of commercial fish stocks and effects of long term climate variations on the Icelandic marine ecosystem.

Olafur has during the past represented the MRI and Icelandic authorities on various meetings, committees and councils, both in Iceland and abroad. Amongst them are several WG´s and bodies within the ICES (e.g. Zooplankton Ecology, Recruitment Processes, Cod and Climate Change), SCICOM and Council.

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