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ESSAS Annual Science Meeting (Hakodate, Japan, January 7 – 9, 2013)

The ESSAS Annual Science Meeting was recently hosted by the Graduate School of Fisheries Sciences at Hokkaido University in Hakodate.  The general theme of this meeting was "Spatial Dynamics of Subarctic Marine Ecosystems" with one oral session held on this topic. 

Other oral sessions focused on: bioenergetics of sub-polar fish species; Arctic-Subarctic interactions (atmospheric, oceanographic and/or ecological); and human dimensions of Subarctic seas exploring fisheries and fishing communities.  A 1-day session related to the new Japanese research project dealing with climate change in the Arctic also began the meeting.  Discussions on the future directions and activities of ESSAS also took place.  Visit the link below to view the “Book of Abstracts” providing summaries of all presentations.

Read summaries of all presentations

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