Thomas Torgersen

Telephone: 41255353
Department: Dyrevelferd

Arbeider med

My research area in the Animal Welfare group is how fish interact with their complex and time varying surroundings, using experimental studies and mathematical simulation models.

Fish respond to their environment (e.g. temperature, handling routines, feed composition, aggressive interactions with conspecifics) and to changes in their environment with physiological, cognitive and behavioural responses, and these different responses are interconnected. Of special interest to me are coping and adaptation processes, like acclimation, habituation and learning. Key points in my approach to this field of research are:
• Address the complexity at the process level, i.e. to use analytical, mathematical models that formalize and bring together mechanistic understandings of the processes involved, rather than just looking for identifiable patterns in the data.
• To not only identify the presence of different processes, but also to identify their relevance to fish experiencing environments with a given variability by estimating their rate (are the adaptation processes fast enough to keep track with the variability the fish experiences?) and their capacity (does e.g. acclimation fully, partially or marginally counteract the effect of an environmental change?

Curriculum Vitae

1996-2001 Dr. Scient., marine biology, University of Oslo
1993-1995 Cand. Scient., marine biology, University of Oslo
1989-1992 Cand. Mag., biology-natural sciences, University of Oslo

Working experience
2010-present Scientist, Institute of Marine Research. Animal welfare
2006-2010 Post-doc, Institute of Marine Research. Animal welfare in aquatic production
2004-2006 Scientist UNIFOB/University of Bergen. Climate and production of marine resources (CLIMAR)
2002-2004 Post-doc, University of Bergen. Hedonic models of fish behaviour
1996-2001 PhD-student in marine zoology ("Institutt-stipendiat"), Department of Biology, University of Oslo. Personal PhD. project (75%), Teaching (25%)

Scientific publications in peer review journals
• O. Folkedal, T. Torgersen, J. Nilsson, F. Oppedal 2010. Habituation rate and capacity of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) parr to sudden transitions from darkness to light. Aquaculture (in press).
• J. Nilsson and T. Torgersen 2010. Learning rate of demand feeding cod. Aquaculture. 306: 384-387
• Kaartvedt, S., Torgersen, T., Klevjer, T.A., Røstad, A. and J. Devine 2008. Behavior of individual mesopelagic fish in acoustic scattering layers of Norwegian fjords Marine Ecology Progress Series. 360:201-209
• Torgersen, T. 2007. Aggregated predators and vulnerability-independent mortality of prey. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences. 64:941-955
• Kaartvedt, S: Klevjer, T.A., Torgersen, T., Sørnes, T., and A. Røstad. 2007. Diel vertical migration of individual jellyfish (Periphylla periphylla). Limnology and Oceanography. 52: 975-983
• Torgersen, T. & G. Huse 2005. Variability in retention of Calanus finmarchicus in the Nordic Seas. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 62: 1301-1309
• Kaartvedt, S., Røstad, A., Fiksen, Ø., Melle, W., Torgersen, T. Breien, M.T. and T.A. Klevjer 2005. Piscivores patrol krill swarms. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 299: 1-5
• Torgersen, T. 2003. Proximate causes for anti-predatory feeding suppression by zooplankton during day: Reduction of contrast or motion? Journal of Plankton Research. 25: 565-571
• Torgersen, T., Karlsbakk, E. & S. Kaartvedt 2003. Deviating vertical distribution and increased conspicuousness of parasitized Calanus. Limnology and Oceanography. 47: 1187-1191
• Torgersen, T. 2001. Visual predation by the euphausiid Meganyctiphanes norvegica. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 209: 295-299
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• Torgersen, T., Kaartvedt, S. Melle, W. & T. Knutsen 1997. Large scale distribution of acoustical scattering layers at the Norwegian continental shelf and the eastern Norwegian sea. Sarsia 82: 87-96

Artikler Kyst og Havbruksrapporten, på norsk
• Torgersen T., Stien, L.H., Kvamme, B.O., Remen, M., Folkedal, O. og T.S. Kristiansen 2009. Hvordan takler laksen varierende merdmiljøforhold? s.164-166. Kyst og Havbruk 2009, Havforskningsinstituttet.
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