Erik Olsen

Telephone: 93439256
Department: Bunnfisk

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Head of the Demersal Fish Research Group

Research areas: Demersal fish, Ecosystem-based management, Management Strategy Evaluation, Marine Spatial Planning, Ecosystem models, Monitoring

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Curriculum Vitae


2015 - present Head of Research, Demersal Fish Research Group

2013 - 2015 visiting scientist at NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole, USA

2007 – 2013 Head of IMR Research Program on Oil and Fish
2012 – present. Principal Scientist (1183) at IMR
2007 – 2012 Senior scientist (1110) at IMR
2002 - 2006 Research Scientist at IMR
1999 - 2002 Research Scientist (PhD student) at IMR
1998 Part-time employed at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR)


2002 Dr. scient (PhD) in fisheries biology at the University of Bergen “Age determination of minke whales”

1997 Cand. Scient. (MSc) in fisheries biology at the University of Bergen. “A study of the reproductive potential of North Atlantic minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) in the period 1972-79”.

2006 – 2010 IMR Representative on the Barents Sea Management Forum (Faglig Forum for Forvaltningsplanen for Barentshavet)
2010 IMR Representative on the Forum for Environmental Risk Management (Risikogruppen)
2007- present IMR Representative on the Advisory Group on Shipwrecks lead by the Norwegian Coastal Authority
2004 – 2007 Secretary for “Havforskerlaget”, one of largest workers-unions at the IMR

2009 – 2013  Chair of ICES Science Committee Steering Group on Human Interactions on the Ecosystem
2009 – 2012 Co-chair of the Joint ACOM/SCICOM (ICES) Strategic Initiative on Area-based Science and Management
2011 Chair of Local Organizing committee for the international workshop: “Exploring the role of MPAs in reconciling fisheries management with conservation” held in Bergen, Norway 29 – 31 March 2011.
2011 Chair of Joint HELCOM/VASAB, OSPAR and ICES Workshop on Multi-Disciplinary Case Studies of MSP (WKMCMSP) in Lisbon, Portugal
2010 Co-chair of the ICES Workshop The Science for area-based management: Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning in practice (WKCMSP) in Lisbon, Portugal.


Google.scholar profile with full publication list


GitHub with various R-scripts and functions for working with Atlantis Ecosystem model


My Prezi public presentations



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