Hopp til hovedteksten

Continued cooperation on the survey on Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NSSH)

As last year, the Institute of Marine Research, in cooperation with the fishermen, carries out a survey on Norwegian spring-spawning herring. Tuesday 2 February, the vessels “Libas”, “M. Ytterstad” and “Vendla” started a two-week long survey to map the herring stock during spawning migration.

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'Johan Hjort'

My return to the winter research survey in the Barents Sea

Mid-winter in the Arctic is not the season when going to sea is most tempting. It's dark 20 hours a day, ice-cold, bad weather, frequent storms, and altogether rather miserable. For the fish this doesn't matter, and in January and February, the large bottom-dwelling fishes like cod, haddock and saithe prepare for their annual spawning season.

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Svein Sundby in Brussels

IMR met with Brussels

With a strategic goal to continue to be a key player in European marine research in the future, the Institute of Marine Research set up an event in Norway House in Brussels 20 October. The intention was to meet with collaborators and decision makers in Europe to inform and discuss common challenges.

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In focus: Norwegian spring-spawning herring

The herring is a pelagic fish inhabiting the upper water masses. Norwegian spring-spawning herring (NSSH) belongs to the Atlanto-Scandian herring together with Icelandic summer-spawning and Icelandic spring-spawning herring.

Norwegian spring-spawning herring has its main s pawning off Møre during February-March, but spawning areas extends northwards to Vesterålen.

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