Hopp til hovedteksten
The Vessel in Port Gentil, Gabon

Cruise diary: Recruitment studies on sardinella in the coastal waters of Gabon, Congo and northern Angola

RV Dr. Fridtjof Nansen left port from Port Gentil in Gabon on the evening of the 24th of May, heading south to Congo and Angola for a 25 day cruise along the coast of these three countries. The cruise ends in Luanda, Angola.

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Jean Hervé with a big African brown snapper

Cruise diary 2: Increasing our understanding about the living resources

Gabon is most known by its forest, but it also holds more than 900 km of coast mainly composed by virgin never ending sandy beaches, big estuaries and coastal lagoons. Its waters are also peculiar, since the Equator divides the country, two big oceanographic systems converge, the warmer Guinea current, from the north, and the Benguela current from the south. This singular feature creates two main ecosystems north and south of cape Lopez, each one holding different oceanographic characteristics and species.

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Salmon lice

Not just one type of salmon lice

New results show that there are two sub-species of salmon lice. This fact may be vital to the development of new lice treatments for salmon, since different sub-species don’t necessarily react in the same way to medications.

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In focus: European lobster

The European lobster has been found from the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Norway and west to the Shetland Island and western Ireland. It is usually found in shallow waters less than 40 m deep, where it is night active and shelter in burrows during daytime.

Their preferred habitat is moderately exposed areas with a complex bottom substrate of a mixture of sand and rocks. The lobster has a wide diet, hunting live prey and scavenging on dead organisms.

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