Hopp til hovedteksten
A sand wave on the slope.

MAREANO's chemical data are available in one separate data file

All the analytical data from the MAREANO Chemistry Program for 2003-2013 are compiled into one database which can be downloaded. The data file will be updated in January each year.

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Demersal seine

Two IMR projects nominated for innovation award

Stiftelsen Nor-Fishing har annonsert kandidatene til innovasjonsprisen de deler ut under årets fiskerimesse i Trondheim i august. To av tre nominerte er prosjekter på Havforskningsinstituttet. 

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ICES-president Cornelius Hammer

Global changes call for global research

As we face global climate changes, it becomes clearer that we live in one world. Our common problems call for common research. This was the key message when ICES president Cornelius Hammer opened the international zooplankton symposium “New challenges in a changing ocean”. 

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Atlantic salmon

In focus: Atlantic salmon

The Atlantic salmon is an anadromous fish. They spend their first years in freshwater, and when they are big enough they undergo physiological and morphological changes, and migrate into seawter as a ’smolt’. The smolt migrates from the rivers, throughout the fjords

and into the open seas where they spend one to four years. In this period they grow fast, and when they are sexually mature, they migrate back to the river where they were born, to spawn.

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