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The Pacific oyster is spreading

The Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas, is spreading in Scandinavian coastal areas – which effects will it cause on the ecosystems?

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Fugl og hav, Antarktis

Hot issue on NASF:

Climate change will influence the seafood industry!

The Earth is warming, and the oceans are absorbing the largest part of the increased heat. Moreover, the oceans absorb a large fraction of the greenhouse gases from the atmosphere impacting the ocean chemistry and contributing to the ocean acidification. These changes impact the marine ecosystems and influence oceans deliverables to man in the form of products and services. In the North Atlantic this will challenge the seafood industry, the shipping industry and the oil and gas industry.

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Scalibregma hanseni

New polychaete species

Once again, a polychaete species has been discovered in samples from a MAREANO survey. The new species has been named Scalibregma hanseni and was collected in subzero temperatures at 765 meter depth from the continental slope in the Norwegian Sea.

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In focus: European lobster

The European lobster has been found from the Mediterranean Sea to Northern Norway and west to the Shetland Island and western Ireland. It is usually found in shallow waters less than 40 m deep, where it is night active and shelter in burrows during daytime.

Their preferred habitat is moderately exposed areas with a complex bottom substrate of a mixture of sand and rocks. The lobster has a wide diet, hunting live prey and scavenging on dead organisms.

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