Hopp til hovedteksten
Annual meeting in Norwegian Fisheries Forum 2014

Fisheries management and conservation of biodiversity – Same matter or a contradiction?

Is managing living marine resources compatible with the conservation of biodiversity – or are the two tasks separate streams never to meet? The question was frequently asked, yet not fully answered during the seminar “Aquatic resources and food for the future” hosted by the Norwegian Fisheries Forum.

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 Fig 6: Spiral tubeworms and hermit crab on bedrock

Cruise diary:

A mosaic of habitats on the Finnmark coast

700 meters is almost as long as twice around a sport-field. It is also the length of one MAREANO video-transect. Sometimes (or in some areas?) all 700 meters will look much the same, but other times we observe large variations along the line. This is the story about a transect with lots of changes.

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Production of lice families reveals valuable insights into pesticide resistance in lice

Scientists at the Institute of Marine Research, and the Salmon Louse Research Centre at the University of Bergen, both located in Norway, have for the first time produced families of sea lice in order to investigate resistance development in salmon lice. The ground-breaking work was conducted under the Norwegian Research Council funded project PrevenT, with PhD student Lina Ljungfelt leading the experiment.

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In focus: Northeast Atlantic mackerel

Mackerel is a pelagic and fast swimming fish species. It is distributed in the Northeast Atlantic from the Northwestern part of Africa north to the Barents Sea, and westwards in the Norwegian Sea to Iceland and Jan Mayen.

Mackerel also enters the Baltic Sea, and furthermore exists in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea.

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