Angelico Madaro

New paper: Effect of predictability on the stress response to chasing in Atlantic salmon Parr

Our excellent PhD-student Angelico Madaro (IMR) has recently, together with Anders Fernö (UiB), Tore S Kristiansen (IMR), Rolf Erik Olsen (IMR), Marnix Gorissen (RUN), Gert Flik (RUN) and Jonatan Nilsson (IMR), published a study in Physiology & Behavior.

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New review paper: Coping styles in farmed fish: consequences for aquaculture

Congratulations to our excellent PhD-student Maria Filipa Castanheira (CCMAR) who has now, together with Luís E.C. Conceição (CCMAR, Sparos), Sandie Millot (IFREMER), Sonia Rey (UAB, USTIR), Marie-Laure Bégout (IFREMER), Børge Damsgård (UiT),Tore Kristiansen (IMR), Erik Höglund (DTU, UoA), Øyvind Øverli (NMBU) and Catarina I.M. Martins (CCMAR), published a review paper about coping styles in farmed fish in the journal Reviews in Aquaculture.

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New paper: Stress in Atlantic salmon: response to unpredictable chronic stress

Our excellent PhD-student Angelico Madaro (IMR) has recently, together with Rolf Erik Olsen (IMR), Tore S Kristiansen(IMR), Lars OE Ebbesson (UNI), Tom O Nilsen(UNI), Gert Flik (RUN) and  Marnic Gorrissen (RUN), published a study in The Journal of Experimental Biology.

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New paper: Linking risk taking and the behavioral and metabolic responses to confinement stress in gilthead seabream Sparus aurata

Risk taking and avoidance responses during confinement have been identified in a variety of species, including fish. In addition, differences in metabolic rate have also been attributed to divergent personalities, coping styles or behavioral types. In this study we disclose for the first time a link between risk taking and the behavioral responses and oxygen consumption under confinement stress in the gilthead seabream Sparus aurata.

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New presentation about genetic selection

Presentation on genetic selection to reduce stress responsiveness in salmonid fishes available for download.

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Two new Posters

There are now two new Posters available for download.

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New poster and article on animal personalities

Combining animal personalities with transcriptomics resolves individual variation within a wild-type zebrafish population and identifies underpinning molecular differences in brain function

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Four new posters available in Dissemination

There are now four new Posters available for download.

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New paper: Can We Predict Personality in Fish? Searching for Consistency over Time and across Contexts

New COPEwell paper in PLOS ONE from Maria Filipa Castanheira, Louis Conceicao, Catarina Martins and colleagues from Portugal: Can We Predict Personality in Fish? Searching for Consistency over Time and across Contexts.

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New paper: Environmental effects on fish neural plasticity and cognition

Lars Ebbesson (Uni Research A/S) and Victoria Braithwaithe  (The Pennsylvania State University) have recently published a review in Jounal of Fish Biology that give a nice overview over new knowledge about neural plasticity and cognition in fishes and how this affects their ability to cope with  environmental challenges. These are also central research areas in the COPEwell project, where we expect new discoveries from Lars and Victoria and the other project partners.

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The COPEwell Project:

COPEWELL – A new integrative framework for the study of fish welfare based on the concepts of allostasis, appraisal and coping styles

Project period: 2011-2015

COPEwell leaflet (PDF)


Tore S. Kristiansen 
Project coordinator
Animal welfare