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About us


The COPEwell partnership represents some leading research groups in various fields of fish neuroscience, behavior, stress physiology, molecular endocrinology, life cycle research, and aquaculture. The consortium partners has worked extensively on different aspects of fish welfare in the context of aquaculture during the last decade both in national funded research projects as well as a range of EU research projects dealing directly with fish welfare, as well as indirectly in project related to genomic approaches and stress research. The current consortium has been assembled, in part, based on previous collaboration in these European actions, but represent a selection especially suited to deal with the specific and novel aspects of the project focus areas.

The tasks have been distributed among the partners to ensure balance of the activities on salmon, sea bass and sea bream, in part by utilizing unique and well controlled experimental facilities especially set up for these species. Analytical work on samples from these trials will be distributed to specialized labs that will both set up species specific tools and methods for all three species and run the subsequent analyses.

The COPEwell Project:

COPEWELL – A new integrative framework for the study of fish welfare based on the concepts of allostasis, appraisal and coping styles

Project period: 2011-2015

COPEwell leaflet (PDF)


Tore S. Kristiansen 
Project coordinator
Animal welfare